Knowing Yourself…

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There have been blogs, by others, wherein they write all about themselves.  They write about their likes, special preferences (such as favorite foods, books, and movies), social relationships, and so on and so forth.  Others write about the need to love oneself; they write about the beauty of really caring about oneself (first and foremost).  

What is oneself?  Most of us, one suspects, were educated to see the self as we were all programmed to see it.  This education is often very similar to the education that other countries have stuck to in the past, even the one which Adolf Hitler emerged from (who, by the way, loved himself dearly and who passionately encouraged others to adore him too).   

So, what is the self?  Is the self an autonomous entity separate from the environment, the whole, the rest of mankind, the animals?  When a person says that he knows…

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Apple cider vinegar a drink every morning.

Though I have not tried this myself, but was keen when read this online. It helps in easy digestion and bringing glow to your skin. It boosts your immune system and is a powerful alkalizing agent that majorly help with digestion. Find the rest below: