Plants can think !!!

It is going to be a year this month, when I finally settled in Kangra, a small city in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a beautiful city full of nature and greenery.

Life throws lots of challenges to you and eagerly wait and watch how you are going to tackle it. Well, so far I have been good at dealing with situations or maybe even relationships. It is easy as a woman as you can cry and be beautiful about it. However, I was not prepared for this one fact.

There is a good feeling to sit in the field and observe the crop growing. During winter there is rabi crop and, kharif crop comes in summer. There is wheat grass sprouting in the fields and its deep green. As it comes near to grain, birds are chirping about coming spring. After many years I have spent such a wonderful season at the place where I was born. Now rewinding my childhood days with the lush green crop, producing its grain.

I have rediscovered myself. It is something that happens to all of us very often and suddenly you are back to square one. Well, it is a great feeling, and I was not prepared for this, something that would happen repeatedly. Every day teaches you something good.

I was used to taking my pill, close my eyes and would wait how it is going to work on me. I found this thought process as consoling and relieving to make me sleep. Though I should not refuse that this medication that I am on is a helping aid in preparing me to sleep.  However, the difference now is that, I am still following the routine but am improving with the life that I am living in this small suburb. Many of us do not get an opportunity to experience this agricultural lifestyle but I would love to highlight the relevance of living basic in our life. Plants play an extremely crucial role.

Its amazing to know that plants can think too. Michael Pollan, author of books as “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “The Botany of Desire,” wrote the New Yorker piece about the developments in plant science. According to him plants can remember things. Pollan says “that the line between plants and animals might be a little softer than we traditionally think of it as.” Listen to an interview with him:



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