I am wrong

“Slow and steady wins the race”….keep hoping, and it is not bad to hope. How many of us pre-determine that something will not take place before it happens, and it becomes tough to cope with the situation. The thoughts in our head hop a lot. We most of the time are so much used to negativity that if something desirable will occur, seems impossible. This negativity develops a comfort zone and we live in it. Cry, bad, sad everything is a part of it, and we hear the words, “It is not bad when you are sad and cry. It is healthy. The more you cry, better you feel.”
Here comes the rabbit again, hoping…. You spend your almost seventeen to eighteen years in preparation to join a college and next four years to start your career. Hope and it is this hope that, whatever we have achieved as a degree is enough to give us a good living in coming future. But then is this what is required when we jump into the pool of employment?
Trust me you restart learning new things again and it is so interesting that you do not realise you are in the process of relearning again. The best part is, what is wrong with it. Well nothing is wrong, everything is right. So let me cry and say, I am wrong. It’s safe to be this way.
Slow and steady wins the race…. let the thoughts be in peace. Have faith and hope in everything you do.

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