I am cold…

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes. ——–Sigmund Freud.

I am finding challenging to interact with the common people here. There is something that is unique.

I have been dealing with this problem since years, but it was easy then. For the time being I am content because, I need time to be alone, don’t know for how long. I am so often engaged with tasks around here. Talk to people in their dialect is amazing, when suddenly I am lost. As if I have extended my lunch break and need to move back to my workstation and log in. I am so very used to observe the time on my wristwatch.

Language makes a difference. The dialect here includes a rhythmic accent. It is tough. I am getting the style difficult to sing. The terminology is simple but require practise speaking. To talk has never been comfortable for me. It has been easy to remain as an idiot and observe others but, difficult to respond. I switch off. I had been circled by active crowd that kept me engaged and warm. They are generous and affectionate. In this group I had limited act to perform.

Things are unique here. Early in the morning you look at the sunrise and you do not have to be concerned about running late for the work. This is a small village with fifteen to sixteen households. I am getting to learn about myself. People do not approach you if you do not respond. A smile will grant you a limited buffer of five minutes of communicating and then you are back to yourself.

Now I am getting to express and am getting out of fantasy. People here are vibrant with imagination. I am captured in a perfect place and am glad I have my woollens to keep myself warm.

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