Why I’m Still Blogging After 6 Years & Being Trolled

Way to go !!!

Emily Contois

I started this blog turned something-maybe-slightly-bigger in July 2012. Most years around this time, I take a moment to reflect on why I blog as an academic and why others might want to as well. Past reasons—which I wrote about in 2013, 2014, and 2017—still resonate with me. Blogging builds an audience of readers, collaborators, friends and fans, mentors and mentees. Blogging also builds bridges. Blogging helps my writing, especially if and when I feel stuck. It has opened doors I didn’t even know to knock. And it’s been fun, year after year.

This year, however, I have some different things to reflect on.

What does it mean to be a public scholar, to blog, and to share my work, perspective, and life, after being trolled quite unpleasantly, for weeks? (You can read more about that in my Nursing Clio essay, “I Was Trolled, Here’s Why I’m…

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There is no electricity in the house. It is raining heavily outside. I can see the wet birds resting in the veranda. Soon it is going to be dark. I decided to make dinner early as sometimes there is no electricity during the whole night.

with the help of an oil lamp I made some light in the kitchen. I decided to go for an instant recipe. It is fast to cook and healthy to eat. I already have some vegetables in the fridge. I washed and chopped them, added them to a steam cooker, sauted with curry masala, salt and Ghee and mixed with rice.  Steamed for fifteen to twenty minutes and my food was ready. Besides this I made raita by adding garlic and mint leaves to curd (Indian version of yoghurt) and a pinch of cumin powder.

I am alone today and the TV cable is down with no network. I turned on the radio. This month received the heaviest rainfall. The water level has rose in the river. Landslides in most part of the district have halted the transport. Hopefully, a little garden of vegetables and local shops are playing a pivotal role to meet the basic need. One thing that I have noticed about these local shops is that stuff that I particularly buy is nearing its finish date. This is the best time to clear their inventory.

Lost in the wild

Its been four months I came back to write. I’ve gained weight but am not concerned because the level of stress is relatively low and medicines too contribute in weight gain.

July and August are two months where India is drenched with excessive rain termed as Monsoon in geology. Fields are waterlogged and there is sharp dense pasture all around.  It is tough to relax on the porch due to mosquitoes and the pests which are quite powerful as matched to the ones in the metropolises. Wandering to distant places is inhibited due to avalanches in the hilly areas.

This month in most of the homes “pooja” is organised. It is a term for worshipping god for safeguarding against any evil spirits and natural calamities. It is almost a year now and I am becoming acquinted with the living conditions here.


Back after a long time…monsoon is at its peak. Here in Kangra this month has the highest rainfall. I had a good chance of finding a cobra in the fields. Life is still static, not much of a change. However spiritual experience is tremendous…