Realistic Goals

Great going…I feel the same 🙂

Sad Habits

Realistic Goals


I think about the future a lot. Actually, I daydream about the future a lot, because achieving things requires hard work and commitment and I don’t have the energy for all of that. I think about a time two or three years from now, where I’m successful and happy and healthy. It’s a great daydream. It’s a great comfort.

It’s also a huge waste of time.

Spending hours every week thinking about an ideal future where somehow everything has worked out is detrimental to me and my journey. I’m definitely going to keep daydreaming about it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s important for me to remember that a happy future can only be reached by taking each step myself. There is no short cut past hard work. I have to do it.

I do have big goals, like maybe writing a book, and working in a creative…

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