Reality is NOT what it seems — raynotbradbury


Based on the book ‘Reality is not what it seems’, Carlo Rovelli “But, said Alice, if the world has absolutely no sense, who’s stopping us from inventing one?” Lewis Caroll Nothing in this world is more difficult than understanding what the world really is… I am sitting in my chair, drinking warm Kissel. Am I […]

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Cooking with Copper — Sincerely, Fu’d

I apologize in advance because the introduction to this post is a little lengthier than my others, but I wanted to walk you through how we got introduced to copper. When Jake and I first met, we were both living in apartments. We had each accumulated pots and pans over time – some of which […]

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Peace of cake and mind

Depression is deprivation of your soul. Its like the drops of rain falling on dry earth. You feel good when the air around you gets moist as it touches you and console your thirsty soul. You sit quietly and hear the drops falling on the ground and the fragrance of the wet mud rejuvenates you. Have you ever wondered how do you feel during then. Suppose to be happy, but actually I have realised that I am not. It makes me sad and cry. However I do feel good after crying. Sometime back I came through a very good article by Lisa Bennett.  Please find the link below and see how she explains her understanding about how climate change and human behaviour are correlated.